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Dave Lake

For 25 years, Dave Lake has pursued the drums, lending his talents to numerous creative outlets of diverse scope and scale. Inspired by drummers from all walks of life, from rock legends to church colleagues and many in between, he has pursued his instrument with zeal and passion. Rooted in an appreciation of many genres of music, including jazz, rock, and R&B, from an early age Dave approached the drums as an equal contributor to the musical expression – more than just a noisy timekeeper, and never the star of the show.

Dave became inspired to play the same way that so many young kids are – from the church pew. From a young age, he would stare at the big drum kits in awe of the people playing them, longing to be up there, but as a teenager his attention moved to other interests – sitting in the back of the church on Sunday morning, laughing and giggling with friends and being generally disruptive. When the local youth pastor saw he needed direction in his life, he suggested taking up the drums, and a passion was born.

Moving to Calgary as a teenager, Dave continued honing his craft in the local church scene playing with hundreds of players over the years, from seasonal productions, special events and conferences, and many many Sunday mornings. As his time there came to an end, he began looking for other pursuits. After a chance meeting with Angela Wrigley in 2016, the two quickly formed an deep and easy friendship rooted in a shared love of music. Although while Dave has spent his years playing more a more folk and rock and roll style, Angela introduced him to a whole “new” genre – jazz!

Together with Angela’s long-time friend Derek Stoll, the three formed the Angela Wrigley Trio, comprised of Dave on drums, Angela on piano and vocals, and Derek on bass guitar.

Never one to rest on his laurels, Dave has continued to pursue his craft and expand his horizons, learning from Calgary legend Garry DeBoek and New York powerhouse Sanah Kadoura. Dave and Derek lend their own creative influences to Angela’s compositions and arrangements, reveling in their differences and finding shared interests; their dedication to the music creating the sound that they currently have today, a beautiful mix of jazz, soul, R&B, and rock, uniquely their own.

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