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Angela Wrigley

Angela Wrigley was destined to be a singer. Literally, before she was born her father said, “I hope she’s a girl and I hope she can sing.” And he set her on that path from the time she was old enough to speak, singing “You Are My Sunshine” and “Smile” with her at the piano from a young age.

From there, Angela’s studies continued throughout her childhood, delving into musical theater, pop and jazz classics in voice and classical and pop piano lessons. In high school, she joined every musical group she could, including jazz and concert bands (playing alto saxophone), jazz and concert choirs and leading a youth worship group.

She then studied Vocal Jazz Performance at Mount Royal University, learning voice under Viviane Martin and piano under Sheldon Zandboer. Those formative years grew many connections to the Calgary Jazz community. The knowledge and love of music theory she found through the program began her initiation into song writing, arranging and recording. In 2007 she obtained a diploma in Professional Recording arts from the Art Institute of Burnaby in British Columbia. 

In 2017, the AWT was born. Dave and Derek both lent their own creative influences to Angela’s compositions and arrangements, and their dedication to the music created the sound that they currently have today.

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